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Other Related Writings2019-11-21Alan KayMarvin Minsky And The Ultimate TinkerToyWeb adaptation by Yoshiki Ohshima and John Maloney
Other Related Writings2019-06-19Alan KayHow? When"What Will It Take?" Seems Beyond Possible, We Need To Study How *immense Challenges* Have Been Successfully Dealt With In The Past
Other Related Writings2017-11-17Yoshiki Ohshima, Dan Amelang, Bert FreudenbergShadama: A Particle Simulation Programming Environment for EveryoneHARC/Y Combinator Research
Other Related Writings2017-10-22Yoshiki Ohshima, Bert Freudenberg, Dan AmelangKanto: A Multi-participant Screen-Sharing System for Etoys, Snap!, and GP
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2017-07-01Aran Lunzer and Amelia McNamaraIntroduction to the "Exploring Histograms" Online Essay
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2017-06-01Ted KaehlerThe Surprising Connection Between Memoization, Test Cases, Runs with Example Data, and the Method Finder
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2017-04-01Ted KaehlerCauchy Timestep Adjustment in End-User Simulations
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2016-07-18Yoshiki Ohshima, Alessandro Warth, Bert Freudenberg, Aran Lunzer, Alan KayTowards Making a Computer Tutor for Children of All AgesPresented at the PX/16 workshop, co-located with ECOOP 2016 in Rome, Italy July 18 2016
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2016-05-01Amelia McNamara and Aran LunzerExploring the Effects of Spatial Aggregation
Papers for Historical Context2016-04-25Alan KayProgramming Your Own ComputerArticle by Alan Kay for the 1979 World Book Science Annual
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2016-02-23Alan BorningWallingford: Toward a Constraint Reactive Programming Language
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-11-02Mahdi Eslamimehr, Mohsen LesaniAtomChase: Directed Search Towards Atomcity ViolationsThis paper was presented at and awarded one of the two Best Research Paper awards at the 26th IEEE Internatinoal Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, November 2014, Gaithersburg, MD
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-10-29Long Tien Nguyen, Alan KayThe Cuneiform Tablets of 2015This paper was presented at the Onward! Essays track at SPLASH 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA, October 29, 2015
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-10-22Yoshiki Ohshima, Jens Monig, John MaloneyA Module System for a General-Purpose Blocks LanguageThis paper was presented at the IEEE Blocks and Beyond: Lessons and Directions for First Programming Environments Workshop, Atlanta, GA, 2015
Papers for Historical Context2015-08-12Alan KayUser Interface: A Personal View
Papers for Historical Context2015-08-11Alan KayAn Early History of Smalltalk
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-08-02Tim Felgentreff, Todd Millstein, Alan Borning, Robert HirschfeldChecks and Balances - Constraint Solving without Surprises in Object-Constraint Programming LanguagesTo appear, OOPSLA 2015, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 25-30 October 2015
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-08-01Tim Felgentreff, Todd Millstein, Alan Borning, Robert HirschfeldChecks and Balances - Constraint Solving without Surprises in Object-Constraint Programming Languages: Full Formal DevelopmentProvides additional technical material to accompany the OOPSLA 2015 paper: Checks and Balances - Constraint Solving without Surprises in Object-Constraint Programming Languages
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-07-07Mahdi Eslamimehr, Hesam SamimiTiming Analysis of Event-Driven Programs with Directed TestingThis paper was presented at the 15th International Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis - WCET 2015. Lund, Sweden. 7th July
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2015-06-01Saketh KasibatlaA Block Based Language for Easy D3 Visualizations
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2014-11-10Aran LunzerLightweight Provenance-Driven ExplorationPosition statement for workshop. Provenance for Sensemaking at IEEE VIS 2014, Nov 2014, Paris, France
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2014-11-09Aran Lunzer, Amelia McNamaraIt Aint Necessarily So - Checking Charts for RobustnessPresented at IEEE on Information Visualization, Nov 2014, Paris, France
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2014-08-16Hesam Samimi, Chris Deaton, Yoshiki Ohshima, Allesandro Warth, Todd MillsteinCall by MeaningTo appear in ACM International Symposium on New ideas, New Paradigms, and Reflections on Programming & Software, Onward! 2014
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2014-08-01Yoshiki Ohshima, Ted KaehlerA Model of J in OMeta2/Squeak
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2014-07-14Tim Felgentreff, Todd Millstein, Alan BorningDeveloping a Formal Semantics for Babelsberg: A Step-by-Step Approach
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2014-06-02Tim Felgentreff, Alan Borning, Robert Hirschfeld, Jens Lincke, Yoshiki Ohshima, Bert Freudenberg, Robert KrahnBabelsberg: A Browser-based Implementation of an Object Constraint Language
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-11-25Amelia McNamara, Ted Kaehlerlocatr,a method finder for R
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-10-27Yoshiki OhshimaToward the Future of Personal Computing System ConstructionAbstract for an invited talk presented to "AGERE!" in Indianapolis, IN, October 27, 2013
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-10-11Hesam Samimi, Yoshiki Ohshima, Todd Millstein, Alan BorningGlendale Project: Benchmarks
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-10-01Yoshiki Ohshima, Aran Lunzer, Bert Freudenberg, Ted KaehlerKScript and KSworld:A Time-Aware and Mostly Declarative Language and Interactive GUI FrameworkPresented at and included in the ACM Proceedings of the "Onward! 2013" Conference held in Indianapolis, IN, October, 2013
Papers for Historical Context2013-09-30Alan KayA Personal Computer for Children of All Ages
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2013-09-30Alan KayAfterword: What is a Dynabook?Afterword to a book published in Japan. Get the book at: http://amzn.to/1fUvmA1
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-08-21Tim Felgentreff, Alan Borning, Robert HirschfeldBabelsberg: Specifying and Solving Constraints on Object Behavior
Papers for Historical Context2013-05-13Alan Kay, Adele GoldbergPersonal Dynamic Media
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-04-24Yoshiki Ohshima, Aran Lunzer, Bert Freudenberg, Ted Kaehler Making Applications in KSWorld
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-03-01Aran Lunzer, Yoshiki OhshimaExperiments with Worlds
Other Related Writings2013-03-01Alan KayThe Future of Reading Depends on the Future of Learning Difficult to Learn ThingsThis essay appears as a chapter in "The Digital Turn, Design in the Era of Interactive Technologies"; Barbara Junge, Zane Berzina, Walter Scheiffele, Wim Westerveld and Carola Zwick, eds.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2013-02-15Yoshiki OhshimaOn Serializing and Deserializing FRP-style Interactive Programs
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-10-31Yoshiki Ohshima, Dan Amelang, Ted Kaehler, Bert Freudenberg, Aran Lunzer, Alan Kay, Ian Piumarta, Takashi Yamamiya, Alan Borning, Hesam Samimi, Bret Victor, Kim RoseSTEPS Toward the Reinvention of Programming, 2012 Final Report Submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) October 2012
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-10-14Aran Lunzer, Yoshiki OhshimaWhat Else and Where Else: Two Worthwhile Questions for an Information Interface
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-10-13Yoshiki Ohshima, Bert Freudenberg, Aran Lunzer, Ted KaehlerA Report on KScript and KSWorld
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-09-13Hesam SamimiCooperating Languages - Spreadsheet Example
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-08-31Alan BorningCooperating Solvers vs. Cooperating Languages
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-08-31Hesam SamimiCooperating Languages - First Example
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-08-23Hesam Samimi (advised by Alan Borning)Cooperating Languages - Core Language
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-05-12Alan BorningArchitectures for Cooperating Constraint Solvers
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-05-11Hesam SamimiCooperating Languages - Phase One Report
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2012-03-28Hesam SamimiArchitectures for Cooperating Languages
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2011-10-31Dan Amelang, Bert Freudenberg, Ted Kaehler, Alan Kay, Stephen Murrell, Yoshiki Ohshima, Ian Piumarta, Kim Rose, Scott Wallace, Alessandro Warth, Takashi YamamiyaSteps Toward Expressive Programming SystemsAnnual report to the NSF
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2011-08-21Ian PiumartaAn association-based model of dynamic behaviourPaper presented at the workshop on Free Composition at ECOOP, 2011 in Lancaster, England. The proceedings have been published by the ACM Digital Library.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2011-08-20Ian PiumartaOpen, extensible composition modelsPaper presented at the workshop on Free Composition at ECOOP, 2011 in Lancaster, England. The proceedings have been published by the ACM Digital Library.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2011-07-11Takashi YamamiyaLesserphic TutorialDescribes how to build widgets in the LBox display object GUI framework. An LBox is a 'membrane' containing independent aspects that work together to be the box's look and behavior. Aspects communicate by publishing and subscribing to announcements of events.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2011-06-03Alessandro Warth, Yoshiki Ohshima, Ted Kaehler, Alan KayWorlds: Controlling the Scope of Side EffectsSupersedes TR-2010-001
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2011-03-10Ted KaehlerDynaBook Junior SpecificationDBJr is a desktop publishing framework and application builder that is modeled after Apple's HyperCard(™).
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2010-10-31Alan Kay, et al.STEPS Toward Expressive Programming Systems, 2010 Progress Report Submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) October 2010
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2010-10-20Ian PiumartaPEG-based transformer provides front-, middle and back-end stages in a simple compiler
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2010-10-19Takashi Yamamiya, Yoshiki OhshimaTamacola - A Meta Language Kit for the WebA flash-based live workspace for programming with S-expressions, written in itself.
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2010-10-15Alan KayProgramming and Programming Languages
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2010-09-01Alessandro Warth, Yoshiki Ohshima, Ted Kaehler, Alan KayWorlds: Controlling the Scope of Side EffectsSuperseded by TR-2011-001
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2010-08-02Cathleen Galas, Rita FreudenbergLearning with Squeak Etoys
Other Related Writings2010-05-05Ian Piumarta, Kim RosePoints of View - A Tribute to Alan KayBook published on the occasion of Alan Kay's 70th birthday
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2010-03-10Ted KaehlerA Text Field SpecificationAn Active Essay that defines a compact text editor using rules.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2010-03-08Ted KaehlerA Text Field Specification for PObjectsOlder version of an Active Essay that defines a compact text editor using rules.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-11-09Ted Kaehler, Alex Warth and Yoshiki OhshimaImplementing DBJr with WorldsA HyperCard-like Dynabook Junior application builder with each page being a separate world.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-11-06Ted KaehlerA Membrane with Parts: A new object model
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-11-05Michael FIGSupporting Actors in COLA
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-10-31A. Kay, I. Piumarta, K. Rose, D. Ingalls, D. Amelang, T. Kaehler, Y. Ohshima, H. Samimi, C. Thacker, S. Wallace, A. Warth, T. YamamiyaSTEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming, 2009 Progress Report Submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) October 2009
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-10-31Hesam SamimiUsing ESOOP in SqueakExecutable Specifications in Object Oriented Programs and using a SAT-based Constraint Solver to satisfy the specification.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-10-30Ted KaehlerHow do you find the Sine function, if you don't know its name?
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-10-21Ian PiumartaChains of meaning in the STEPS system
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-10-04Takashi YamamiyaAn Assembler for AVM2 using S-Expression
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-09-28Hesam SamimiHigh-level Expressions in Language LImplementing some expressions from the relational logic language Alloy.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-09-22Hesam SamimiResearch Summary: A Programming Methodology and A Reliability MechanismA Programming Methodology and A Reliability Mechanism Executable Specifications using planning, goals, and heuristics.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-08-22Ian PiumartaCOLA Kernel Abstraction
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-06-09Takashi YamamiyaA Lazy List Implementation in Squeak
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-05-01Hesam SamimiRegister Allocation via Puzzle Solving via Planning
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-04-16Takashi YamamiyaRCCola: Remote Controlled Cola
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-02-05Ted KaehlerRecognizing the CAICO, A Collection of Almost-Identical Complex Objects
Powerful Ideas Content and How to Represent It2009-02-03Takashi Yamamiya, Alessandro Warth, Ted KaehlerActive Essays on the Web
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2009-02-02Bert Freudenberg, Yoshiki Ohshima, Scott WallaceEtoys for One Laptop Per Child
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-01-04Yoshiki OhshimaBabySteps: An approach to bootstrap an interactive system on COLA
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-01-02Ian PiumartaQuantum Object DynamicsN-way associative lookup as the primitive basis of a programming system.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2009-01-01Hesam SamimiProgramming as Planning
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-12-31Alessandro WarthExperimenting With Programming LanguagesOMeta: an extended PEG. Alex Warth's Ph.D Thesis.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-02-03Yoshiki OhshimaAn execution model for the next end-user-oriented massively parallel system
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-02-02Daniel AmelangJitblt: Efficient Run-time Code Generation for Digital Compositing
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-02-01Scott WallaceSourceIDe: a Semi-live Cross-development IDe for Cola
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-02-01Robert Hirschfeld, Kim Rose (Eds.)Self Sustaining Systems, First Workshop, S3 2008 Potsdam, Germany, May 15-16, 2008 Proceedings
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-01-04A. Kay, I. Piumarta, K. Rose, D. Ingalls, D. Amelang, T. Kaehler, Y. Ohshima, H. Samimi, C. Thacker, S. Wallace, A. Warth, T. YamamiyaSTEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming, 2008 Progress Report Submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF), October 2008
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-01-03Hesam SamimiJOHN - A Knowledge Representation Language
Powerful Ideas Content and How to Represent It2008-01-03Alessandro Warth, Takashi Yamamiya, Yoshiki Ohshima, Scott WallaceToward a More Scalable End-User Scripting Language
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-01-02Alessandro Warth and Alan KayWorlds: Controlling the Scope of Side EffectsSuperseded by TR-2011-001
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2008-01-01Ted Kaehler, Alessandro WarthRunning OMeta Parsers Backwards for Source to Source Translation
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2007-08-01A. Kay, I. Piumarta, K. Rose, D. Ingalls, D. Amelang, T. Kaehler, Y. Ohshima, C. Thacker, S. Wallace, A. Warth, T. YamamiyaSTEPS Toward The Reinvention of ProgrammingFirst Year Progress Report, December 2007.
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2007-07-01Alan KayThe Real Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened YetRemarks on being awarded an honorary degree from the University of Pisa in Italy.
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2007-06-01Alan KayChildren Learning by Doing: Squeak Etoys on the OLPC XO
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2007-05-01Ted KaehlerBare Blocks with a Thin Object Table: An Object Memory for Cola
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2007-03-02Alessandro Warth, Ian PiumartaOMeta: an Object-Oriented Language for Pattern Matching
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2007-03-01Alan KayThoughts About Teaching Science and Mathematics To Young Children
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2007-02-02Alessandro Warth, James R. Douglass, Todd MillsteinPackrat Parsers Can Support Left Recursion
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2007-02-01Ian PiumartaEfficient sideways composition in COLAs via "Lieberman" prototypes
Powerful Ideas Content and How to Represent It2007-01-01Yoshiki Ohshima, Takashi Yamamiya, Scott Wallace, Andreas RaabTinLizzie WysiWiki and WikiPhone: Alternative approaches to asynchronous and synchronous collaboration on the Web
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2006-03-01Ian Piumarta, Alessandro WarthOpen Reusable Object Models
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2006-02-02Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, Yoshiki Ohshima, Ian Piumarta, Andreas RaabProposal to NSF Granted on August 31; 2006
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2006-01-01Ian PiumartaAccessible Language-Based Environments of Recursive Theories (a white paper advocating widespread unreasonable behavior)
Other Related Writings2005-12-03Kentaro Yoshimasa, Hideyuki Takada, Tetsuro SakaiDevelopment of an Education Model to Enhance Mathematics and Science Learning through Creation with Squeak Etoy
Other Related Writings2005-12-02Takeshi Fujioka, Hideyuki Takada and Hajime KitaNew Challenge of Information Science Education Based on PBL Using Squeak eToy: ISEC-SeT
Other Related Writings2005-12-01Hideyuki Takada and Hajime KitaCreativity Education by Distance Learning Connecting Kyoto University and UCLA
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2005-09-21Yoshiki OhshimaKedama: A GUI-based Interactive Massively Parallel Particle Programming SystemPresented at the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, (VL/HCC) Dallas, TX, 2005
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2005-02-01Alan KaySqueak Etoys Authoring & Media
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2005-01-01Alan KaySqueak Etoys, Children & Learning
Papers for Historical Context2004-02-01Alan KayThe Center of "Why?"Alan Kay's 2004 Kyoto Prize paper.
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2004-01-30David A. Smith, Andreas Raab, David P. Reed, Alan KayCroquet: A Menagerie of New User Interfaces
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2004-01-29Michael Ruger, Yoshiki OhshimaTranSqueak - Making the world a smaller place On-the-fly translation of Etoy projects and instant messaging
Papers for Historical Context2004-01-01Alan KayThe Power Of The ContextRemarks upon being awarded - with Bob Taylor, Butler Lampson and Chuck Thacker - the Charles Stark Draper Prize of the National Academy of Engineering, February 2004.
Papers for Historical Context2003-10-28Yoshiki Ohshima, John Maloney, Andy OgdenThe Parks PDA: A Handheld Device for Theme Park Guests in SqueakPresented as a Practitioner Report at OOPSLA 2003, Anaheim, CA, October 26-30, 2003
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2003-02-01Alan KayBackground on How Children Learn
Fundamental New Computer Technologies2003-01-31David A. Smith, Alan Kay, Andreas Raab, David P. ReedCroquet: A Collaboration System Architecture
Papers for Historical Context2003-01-02Yoshiki Ohshima, Kazuhiro AbeThe Design and Implementation of Multilingualized SqueakPresented at The International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing (C5) January 2003.
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2003-01-01Alan KayOur Human Condition "From Space"Originally the afterword in: Powerful Ideas in the Classroom, by B.J. Allen Conn and Kim Rose.
Teaching and Learning Powerful Ideas2001-10-04Cathleen GalasSchool Squeaking
Other Related Writings2000-06-15Alan KayComputers, Networks and EducationScientific American article, September 1991.
Papers for Historical Context1997-02-26Alan Kay, Kim Rose, Dan Ingalls, Ted Kaehler, John Maloney, Scott WallaceEtoys and SimStories
Papers for Historical Context1997-01-01Dan Ingalls, Ted Kaehler, John Maloney, Scott Wallace, and Alan KayBack to the future: the story of Squeak; a practical Smalltalk written in itself
Other Related Writings1995-01-01Alan KayAuthoringThe unfulfilled goal of personal computing.
Papers for Historical Context1994-03-02Ted KaehlerAn Active Essay on Evolution, "The Weasel Essay"Created at Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group in 1994. Reprinted with permission of the author.
Papers for Historical Context1984-09-08Alan KayComputer SoftwareScientific American article, issue 251, September 1984.
Papers for Historical Context1975-06-12Alan KayPersonal ComputingInvited Paper: Meeting on 20 years of Computer Science. Instituto di Elaborazione della Informazione, Pisa, Italy. 12 June 1975