CrossRoads 2017 | Alan Kay keynote - Education That Takes Us To The 22nd Century InfoSys Foundation USA

Alan Kay interviewed by Joe Armstrong, Codemesh 2016, London, 11/3/16 -

Alan Kay Keynote, CresstCon 2016, Sept. 21, 2016 -

Our Most Important Revolution - Part 1, Alan Kay @ STRAP, Feb 5, 2015

Our Most Important Revolution - Part 2, Alan Kay @ STRAP, Feb 5, 2015

Rethinking CS Education October 2, 2015, Stanford University Faculty Club.

A talk given at SAP in early 2015; The Power of Simplicity.

The 2015 Aspen Institute/ Kennedy Center Arts Summit with Alan Kay
and Sarah Lewis May 16, 2015, Washington DC

The Future Does Not Have to be Incremental
Alan Kay at DEMO Enterprise April 3, 2014, San Francisco , CA

Alan Kay addresses Qualcomm - October 2013

Technology and Transformation: Vishal Sikka and Alan Kay in Conversation with Paul Saffo at the Churchill Club March 2013 -

Alan Kay addresses the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, July 2011 - Watch Video

Alan Kay on learning to see. Alan's provocative answer to the question he recently posed to the graduating students at DePaul University. June 2011 -

Alan Kay gives a class on programming languages at UCLA - October 2010

Alan Kay's interview at the 2010 eLarning Symposium -

Alan Kay's keynote address at the 2010 eLarning Symposium -

Event video from SRI International's December 2008 celebration of the 40th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart's 1968 "Mother of All Demos" -