Points of View - a Tribute to Alan Kay

Points of View is a collection of previously-unpublished essays written to celebrate Alan Kay's 70th birthday. Twenty-nine luminaries from diverse disciplines contributed original material for this book.

We believe this volume will appeal to readers and collectors looking to learn more about Alan through the eyes of his colleagues past and present, or to gain some unique insights into computer science, management, music and the arts.

We regret the hardcover edition has finally gone out of print. You are welcome to freely download a PDF of the entire book here. Click on the cover image (to the right) to begin the transfer.


Bibliographic information

Ian Piumarta and Kimberly Rose (eds), Points of View — a tribute to Alan Kay.
Viewpoints Research Institute, May 2010. ISBN 978-0-9743131-1-5
272 pages, hardbound, foil stamped, color illustrated.


Kim Rose        Preface
Bob Sproull        Alan Kay: visionary designer
Ivan Sutherland        Old Salt Lake stories that you may not have heard
Adele Goldberg        Alan Kay and the Search for the Holy Grail
Bert Sutherland        Manager as Pupil
Bob Stein        Do it
Leonard Kleinrock        About an Ageless Alan Kay
John Sculley        Genius is Seeing the Obvious Twenty Years Ahead of Everyone Else
Bobby Blatt        The Vivarium—a place to learn about learning, and to think about thinking
Chunka Mui        Notes on a twenty-five-year collaboration
Mel Bergstein        Context, Inspiration and Aspiration: Alan Kay’s Influence on Business
Larry Smarr        The Emergence of a Planetary-Scale Collaboratory for Data-Intensive Research
Andy van Dam        Reflections on what Alan Kay has meant to me, on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Raj Reddy        Alan Kay and the Creation of the Centre Mondial Informatique et Ressources Humaines in Paris
Nicholas Negroponte        The Book in Dynabook?
David P. Reed        Get the verbs right
Chuck Thacker        A Tiny Computer
Douglas B. Lenat        The K Factor
Butler Lampson        Declarative Programming: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Vishal Sikka        Some timeless lessons on software design
Vint Cerf        Thoughts on Alan’s 70th Birthday
Mitchel Resnick        Life as a Learning Lab
Bran Ferren        AK—A Graphic Exposé
Betty Edwards        A Tribute to Alan Kay
Bob Lucky        Portraits of Alan Kay
Greg Harrold        Greg and Alan conspire to create a wonderful new pipe organ
Quincy Jones        A three-sixty human being
Gordon Bell        Dear Alan, Re: What about your digital afterlife ?
Danny Hillis        The Power of Conviction
Ian Piumarta        Afterword