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Welcome to the FoNC wiki.


(Note: See this page for the regular FoNC, Fundamentals of New Computing, Main Page.)

In June 2011, this mailing list discussion prompted a temporary re-purposing of the Main Page in order to support a new round of collaboration on the discovery of fundamentals of new computing.


We are faced with a need for significant action and the odds are stacked against us. Invention receives no attention, and innovation (even when incorrectly understood) receives lip service in the press but no current-day vehicle exists to to nurture it. This wiki is an open invitation for talented individuals to pool their energy and collaborate towards fundamentally changing computing.

Over the years many groups have debated how to make progress in computing. There were likely as many opinions as there were people in the debates. Nevertheless personal accounts suggest that initiatives were sometimes reduced to a handful and then pursued with vigour. Consider what could be achieved by following the same pattern today, with the added benefit of doing it as a virtual, distributed team.

Our goal could be to

  • capture the significant ideas and initiatives that we have been exposed to, are aware of, or can discover
  • distil them into groups
  • reduce them to a handful of concepts worthy of vigorous exploration, and
  • focus our efforts on these common ideas

with the eventual aim of making substantial progress towards finding a common set of fundamentals of new computing.


You are invited to use this wiki to pursue these goals.

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